Florida police chief and officer who were outed as KKK members are both out of jobs

Yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous. Headline is all “OMG KLANSMEN ARE TEACHING OUR CHILDREN,” body says the school found out after three days and fired him instantly. This is still a bitter indictment of Florida in general, though, somehow.

I hadn’t even thought about how ironic it is for BoingBoing to be calling for the government to record more of your personal info and provide it to your potential employers, but yeah, there’s that too.

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I don’t think an LEO’s information is personal if it relates to their being an LEO in any way. That’s public or should be.

In this instance it’s more like BB calling for the govt to provide more info on the shenanigans of public persons when they are caught.

If the schmuck did work at Wal-Mart and was fired from Wal-Mart for being a terrorist then maybe that’s a different line crossed, but cops are an arm of govt. Or in this case, a hangnail of govt.

Not in positions of authority or influence over others they don’t.

No one owes him anything of that nature & whether it be policies or social censure that prevents him from attaining such positions if he hasn’t publicly renounced his beliefs then fuck him. Beliefs that run so much against huge swaths of our society, that left to run their course inevitably result in bodies hanging from trees, no, fuck that guy’s desire for authority.

Eat? Are you serious? Millions upon millions of people go to work each and every day at jobs that put as much food on the table as they could want, without them being in any meaningful position to exert authority over their fellow human.

What do you find so special about this guy? Nothing, I know. But really, he isn’t hard done by anybody but himself.


There’s many types of informants but they could be busted down into 2 groups. Those that inform because they have had a change of heart or the guilt weighs too heavy, or the far and away more common informant, the one who is trying to reduce the severity of the sentence they themselves face for serious wrongdoing.

I’m just guessing this fella ain’t the former.

And people want to know when we’ll just let these poor klansmen be to be themselves? I guess when they stop trying to infiltrate law enforcement? Or when law enforcement no longer attracts racists bullies?

Or never.


There’s a saying I’ve heard from Floridians: “In Florida, the further North you go, the further into the South you are”


As someone from NC I agree… I mean Florida is just…Florida.

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I think you all are missing the point here. This man is the perfect person to teach our kids why it’s “Heritage not hate.” /s :smile:

I like to think that there was some great plan behind it. Like Arkansas, Kentucky, and similar all got together and said “How do we get everyone else to stop making jokes at our expense?” Then Georgia had the brilliant idea of “Florida”… I know lets make a state that’s kind of like us, but with more meth and subsequent insanity!

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I think someone called me a troll, and that adding the word “Democrat” was silly, ill informed, etc. Oh well. My intention was to highlight that public school teacher hiring is more stringent than private school hiring.
To Funk Daddy - I don’t think a violent racist would make it through the process to become a cop because that kind of person would wash out somewhere along the way. I also do not believe all extreme radicals are equally violent. Some just wanna be hackers or bombmakers. Not all have the level of insanity to engage in racist violence.

?? every-single-one-of-us has the capacity to engage in racist violence. It’s called the human condition or a segment thereof.

As for your belief that a violent racist wouldn’t make it through the process to become a cop, that should be pretty much dispelled by the myriad examples of violent racist cops that can be found in the present and historically.

Perhaps you should google “violent racist cop” with or without the quotes.


Is “bombmaker” a code for something else where you’re from?


I’m not sure he had that much authority while working in food services at the elementary school. Well, maybe, “white kids first for lunch, all youse other riff-raff, back of the line …”


Another stick in the eye. Well anyway, for those of you who choose to discuss things rather than sling mud, thank you. To the name callers and eye pokers - thank you. By the way, thank you is code for … thank you

No one has mistreated you. Do inform yourself and you won’t have to resort to martyring yourself with a blade of pretend.


What is the ratio of total # of cops to total of cops convicted of criminal violence WHILE ON DUTY, I would make the case that even if the ratio is very small, one greater than zero is unacceptable. The very reason for a rigorous weeding process id to achieve that impossible zero. Impossible for the reason you stated “the human condition.” You asked me to google “violent racist cop.” I did. To try and make sense of all the results, I limited the search to 2010. The CATO Inst. study on police misconduct and the FBI’s uniform crime report for 2010 provided a statistical snapshot. In 2010, 930 people were killed by cops while 56 cops were killed. I base my comments on the police qualification
process on my direct experience with it.

How did this idiot manage to get fired, did he forget to kill someone?

So how would you characterize “Is “bombmaker” a code for something else where you’re from?” Sounds snarky to me, but maybe I am just looking for it …

Not really - I just really don’t get how making a bomb can be considered to be a non-violent act. The bombmaker may not be the same person as the one detonating it, but they’re all part of the same process. Maybe it is a little snarky, but using “bombmaker” as an example of non-violent KKK activity kind of deserved it, I’d say.

Again, this statement doesn’t seem to match reality. Groups like this like to have a veneer of respectability and have been infiltrating the police since they started (pdf). There is also plenty of evidence that racism is tolerated among certain groups, and several civil rights acts have been enacted to combat this. The 1964 Civil Rights Act came in the wake of actions by KKK members in positions of police authority to attack civil rights:

When Schwerner, Goodman, and Chaney, a young black man, were coming back from a trip to Philadelphia, Mississippi, deputy sheriff Cecil Price, who was also a Klan member, pulled them over for speeding. He then held them in custody while other KKK members prepared for their murder. Eventually released, the three activists were later chased down in their car and cornered in a secluded spot in the woods where they were shot and then buried in graves that had been prepared in advance.

When news of their disappearance got out, the FBI converged on Mississippi to investigate. With the help of an informant, agents learned about the Klan’s involvement and found the bodies. Since Mississippi refused to prosecute the assailants in state court, the federal government charged 18 men with conspiracy to violate the civil rights of Schwerner, Goodman, and Chaney.

Bowers, Price, and five other men were convicted; eight were acquitted; and the all-white jury deadlocked on the other three defendants. On the forty-first anniversary of the three murders, June 21, 2005, Edgar Ray Killen was found guilty of three counts of manslaughter. The 80-year-old Killen, known as an outspoken white supremacist and part-time Baptist minister, was sentenced to 60 years in prison.

Another reaction to racist abuse of power by US police, who again somehow managed to slip through and be fully acquitted:


it’s a great opportunity to link to that letter of congratulations from Karl Marx to Abraham Lincoln though.


You are definitely looking for it.

Pretending that there are no violent racist cops with this childish belief

That alone spells troll, trying to argue your way back with unrelated “information” from the distinguished /s CATO quagmire, makes it almost a certainty.

Characterizing bombmaking as nonviolent ?

Then claiming first hand knowledge of police processes after effectively denying the possibility of a violent racist cop with your earlier mistaken beliefs?? You’re a troll or a fool.

And you still haven’t been mistreated.