Florida senior prank found offensive, engorged by social media




pix or it didn’t happen


Plenty of pics to be found in gawker, if you really need to see it. It’s like every other crude scrawl you’ve seen on a bathroom wall. Frankly I wouldn’t be so upset about the penis as how unoriginal it is. Pranks are supposed to be more creative than that.

To the high school senior: if all you can think of doing is putting a large penis on a football field, your high school education has failed you (and whatever college you were going to attend probably wouldn’t make things better).


Here you go.

For some reason I found myself thinking of Bill Clinton. One for the older readers there.


A cock on a lawn? Meh. I’d be impressed if they’d used cunningly placed explosives to sculpt a vagina.


Half the Senior girls polled yawned, “Seen bigger.”

This is FLORIDA we’re talking about.


Childs play. These folks drew a massive penisthat became fully erect and directed at the FSB (which is basically the KGB). There is nothing on this planet more hardcore than a Russian punk.



I got tired of penis art decades ago, but that’s spectacular!



NSFW: http://news.bme.com/wp-content/uploads/200610301658-pix2.jpg



Hmmm. I always figured that if it had to do with penises, it would be granted that it would be in the moment…although there are a few fore-things, there is no forethought for a penis, right?


Mine has certainly been involved in situations where forethought was not involved.


When “Florida” and “senior” are in close proximity, high-school is not the first thing I think of.

I am so disappointed not to see Cocoon-inspired hijinks.


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