Florida town plagued by triple-arse graffiti


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I really hate the new Monopoly cards. Like WTF with this minimalist ‘gotta change it’ crap…if you change it at least make it better.

Well…anyways the 3 ass artwork thing reminded me of this.



Surely a double arse would comprise no less than four buttocks.

I assume here that arse may reasonably refer to a single buttock, after the concept is freed from the assumption of a standard double-buttocked arse, thereby permitting my use of the “triple-arse” construction. But surely it could never refer to 1.5 buttocks, as would be required to consider three buttocks a double arse.


Where does it all end??



Christ, what an arseholes!


If nothing else, the artist is not wrong about St. Pete’s surfeit of assholes.

Although, thanks to truly ridiculous heat and humidity, the surplus is mostly seasonal. Ex-pat* assholes are notoriously weather-sensitive.

In the summer, they strictly have to deal with their domestic surplus.

(*By which I refer to “ex-pats” in the “different US state” sense.)


Um… that’s three gluts, and three legs; not what I was expecting at all…

<img src=’//discourse-cloud-file-uploads.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/boingboing/original/3X/f/b/fb37375a9ad4b0b852ee9012a4852cc3f2dc09d5.jpg’width=“340” height=“182” alt=" ">


Zomg so that’s what Mickey Mouse keep hidden in those “gloves”!


Oh Florida…


We are 100% sure that the more we publicize that we are being tormented by a dude doodling derrières, that it becomes more likely that the arse artisan will stop, and that our message will dissuade copycats.

Our town will not be the butt of any more jokes. We stand cheek to cheek in this town, and will catch this periodic painter pointedly practicing portraying peculiar posteriors.

I said that the perpetrator must be crazy and have horses up his asses to be doing this, but the town’s psychologist corrected me and said that if these were self portraits then that would make him stable.

Our town’s retired psychiatrist also told me that if this person likes big butts that they can not lie. So I am asking you, the ne’er do well painting nefarious nethers, to admit to what you have been behind and help cleanup this disaster."

Seymore Butts - Council Person


Don’t you see? It’s the mark of the Skunk-Ape!


“There should be consequences. You can’t just take it upon yourself to do whatever you want to do,”

Anyone told POTUS?


That would be a sesqui-arse.

(And an œcumenical matter.)


Oh great, a Rolf Harris fan club …


He’s an ass-ass man.


The ghost of douglas adams approves.


think that all prof of math here place any demonstration at the blackboard in quoting the uber alles premise ‘as you need 2 buttocks for making an arse’…