Florida teacher fired for using gender neutral "Mx." instead of "Ms."

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When fascists like DeSantis say they’re going to do horrible things, believe them . His threats and boasts were never hyperbole.


One glaring irony here is that “Ms.” was very controversial in its day. Conservatives were up in arms in the '70s that women didn’t want to be defined by their marital status (Miss or Mrs). Now Ms. is mainstream.


The irony here is that the law prohibits both “instruction” and “discussion” of gender identity, and is being interpreted really broadly to mean any mention as well, in which context using “Mx” should not only not be banned - it would actually be required by the law. After all, the most commonly used alternatives (“Mr,” “Ms” and “Mrs”) are all explicit references to gender identity and possibly marital status as well.

Proponents of the law always pushed back against criticism by claiming “that’s not what the law says,” (although they also lied about what it did say), but the problem was always, clearly, that the law was, at best, going to be applied inconsistently simply to attack anyone that wasn’t cis het. (And that the proponents of the law were being disingenuous a-holes.) Everyone knew that was going to be true regardless of what the text of the law “actually was,” but cases like this, where the law is being enforced in ways that are the exact opposite of what it says, really hammers the point home.


Just curious. How do you pronounce Mx.? "Mix?


well, is Mr. prononced “merr”?
or Mrs. pronounced “mers”?
“mix”, “mixter” or “mixus”, although, the last two still denote a binary, so don’t qualify, IMHO.
let’s go with “mix”.


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