Florida teacher tells school board, "No one is teaching your kids to be gay! ...I have math to teach"

Our daughter went to 12 years of Catholic school. Just 50 kids in her high school graduating class.

A few of those kids were gay, everyone knew, no one cared. They’re all still friends 20 years later.

I wonder who taught those kids to be gay, certainly not the nuns.

That teacher is right, sometimes or all times, kids are just gay.

I know that for a fact to be true, I’m pretty sure I know who it’s happened to and heard parents say things like that all the time

The problem is that some people consider anyone deep enough in the closet a victory.

Put enough fear of their mask slipping in them and you may even be able to pressure them into a resentful, loveless hetero marriage, just as Jesus would have wanted.


True enough, but unquestionably evil and tragic all the same.


When the right rally about people “teaching” others to be gay, what they’re really/mostly fighting against is teaching others that it’s OKAY to be gay whatever claims they (the right) might make.
Whether through pedagogy or modeling.


I tried to drown my trans-ness in alcohol. Thankfully, I was unsuccessful, although I damn near didn’t recover from that. What really pisses me off about the world right now (well, one thing that pisses me off) is that I feel like I have to be careful now who I tell that I’m trans. Right after I first transitioned, I tried to keep that a secret and let everyone believe I was a cis woman. Or…not really that, but I just didn’t talk about it or bring it up and didn’t want people to know. After about a year or so of that, I realized I had put myself back into a different closet, and it sucked. So I started being a lot more open about the fact that I was trans, and it was honestly pretty great. I mean, it wasn’t the first thing I told someone after meeting them, but at an appropriate time if it looked like this person was going to become a friend, I told them. And it was liberating. And I don’t feel safe doing that anymore, and I fucking hate it.


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