Threats of strict adherence to Florida's "Don't Say Gay" law upsets conservatives

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Isn’t this same Moms 4 Liberty group the two that run around screaming about schools doing this in the first place?


Upon reading their other tweets. Oh fuck yes they are.


From the comments:

Parents should decide when their kids learn about heterosexuality!


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Unfortunately this also serves the interest of those who want to just destroy public education. They may not care who it is that is suing the school as long as it destroys their target.


Which is probably exactly what the Moms 4 Liberty group is going to argue when they start suing.


This is great and should be followed by lawsuits from parents concerned about their children being indoctrinated with the heterosexual agenda. I’d imagine about 90% of any public school library or curriculum falls under the jurisdiction of this law.


I was thinking the malicious compliance for this issue would be a wonderful spectacle to behold.


Florida GOP types deliberately write laws so they can change the interpretation on a whim. A bunch of these laws get booted by the courts.


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Does this law also bind church-run CCD programs, sometimes called “Sunday school”? The Bible certainly talks about gender identity (it’s “Adam and Eve” not “Pat and Chris”, after all) and sexual orientation (Leviticus for the loss!) and so if this does apply to those programs I don’t see how they could operate without blatantly violating this law.


You don’t understand how the First Amendment works: Christian religious groups are allowed to discuss politics before, during, and after services, but cannot be forced to follow the laws where they reside on any human or civil issue. Oh, and no taxes, of course.


I think this law does not cover private institutions.


No gender identifiers on the bathrooms, right?


After Texas officials tried to crack down on a pride event, as if merely alluding to the existence of non-heterosexual people constituted “teaching about sexuality,” this kind of thing seemed like the only reasonable response. I had failed to notice quite how absurd the Florida law was, though.

Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.
[emphasis mine]

Unless I’m misunderstanding something, due to legal language, it sure sounds like they’re saying, “you can’t discuss sexual orientation or gender identity AT ALL in kindergarten through grade 3… but also not in a manner that is age inappropriate” (that last part being absurd enough as, of course, the most conservative voices get to define what’s “age appropriate” using different, and ultimately conflicting, standards for each instance).

So yeah, this response seems to be what’s required by law. I love how conservatives write laws with things like this as the logical outcome without ever considering that’s the case. Like when Southern conservatives wrote laws to have state money go towards private religious schools… and then flipped out when they realized that non-Christian (particularly Muslim) schools could - and would - do the same thing. Their worldview is so blinkered, it just never occurred to them.


Maybe my ear has been deafened by the explosions of the Culture War, but this sounds fishy to me. It sounds like it came from the same household as the Little Girl who said, “Mommy, I’m ashamed to be white.” Sure, there are some good troll points in there, but the whole thing is too on the nose about what the Right claims is the Evil Left’s ultimate agenda: to completely erase the concept of gender. It’s the part about calling everybody “Mx” that did it. It sounds just a bit too over-the-top for a liberal teacher being ironic. The supposed letter is perfect, point for point, to be used by some RWNJ asshole in Congress or bucking for a State job to stir up the mob yet again.

I freely admit I could be wrong. That’s the trouble with trying to score points off the Right. They’ve no concept of irony, so attempts to troll them roll right off their backs. All they see is further proof of the nefarious conspiracy against them.


The thing is it’s not over-the-top at all, not relative to the law anyway. It’s literally just what the Right is actually demanding from trans people.


The organization that did it is Moms 4 Liberty, who have frequently decried “woke” america and the fact that school systems and teachers are out of control teaching children things against their parents wishes, in general.

Make no mistake, this is about giving more inroads to fuck up the American public education system in general. Their goal is to make it so teachers can’t teach, and then claim the system is a waste of money and is a failure. Read their other tweets. This letter is not in good faith.


The provenance of the legal strategy doesn’t necessarily diminish its effectiveness.

Or mean they’ll get anything they want from it. I’m not aware of any civil rights litigation shutting down entire school systems.