Florida teen poses as doctor, opens office, and examines undercover agent

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Joey Devilla is quoted as saying that he would like the teen to be given a second chance because he shows good potential and creativeness in accomplishing something he shouldnt’ve been able to. As illegal is it was. I think he’s correct, but this goes for a good number of criminals. There’s a lot of intensely creative, very smart and observant people who end up in criminal schemes and are able to accomplish some very impressive things. These people should be punished for their actions but they definitely need to be shown that they already have the skills to accomplish greater and more productive things with themselves. Sadly the justice system exists to perpetually punish people for their decisions, not rehabilitate them.



And I second the question about how he differs from a non-fake naturopath, anyway.



To be fair, he does look like a dude who might call himself “Dr. Love” (in the smiling pic, not the mugshot so much).


So, he opened an alternative medicine clinic without having any qualifications. How, exactly, is that different from all of the other alternative medicine clinics that they don’t bust?


orificial surgery



There’s got to be a Doogie Houser pun in there somewhere, but I’m drawing a blank right now.

George Costanza from Seinfeld similarly aspired to things for which he wasn’t qualified. Once when Jerry questioned him about falsely telling his fiancee’s parents that he had a house in the Hamptons, George said, “Yeah, well, I’ve been lying about my income for a few years, I figured I could afford a fake house in the Hamptons.” In another episode Jerry informs George that a beautiful former classmate of theirs was falsely told by Jerry that George is a marine biologist, and George fumes, “WHY couldn’t you have told her I was an architect? You KNOW I’ve always wanted to pretend I was an architect!”


My friend did a GYN rotation and based on his anecdotes you end up seeing a lot more sick vaginas than happy vaginas. But then you have dudes who will literally stand in a shit-filled porta-potty to get a look, so I guess it works for some people.


Yes! And the misspelling of ‘professional’.



“Every time you take vaccine
Take it orally.
As you know the other way
Is more painfully.”

-Allan Sherman, Shitcks Of One, Half A Dozen of the Other

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For a long while we used to wonder —as we scrubbed up and gazed out of the window next to a particular operating theatre— why a small crowd of teen boys used to gather in the same spot in a field a few kilometres away across the valley, apparently in the middle of nowhere. Until one day a curious scrub nurse went up there with a pair of binoculars and found it was possible to catch glimpses of undressed patient genitalia through that window and the doorway behind to the Theatre itself during gynaecology lists …

So no more sunlight for us while working. :frowning:

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that’w what i was thinking: how can he know how to spell “naturopathic” and NOT know “professional”?


I know, right?! Though that’s probably the least bizarre thing about this story - I wonder just how many patients he saw/‘treated’?

I think it is a little more than a case of Boys Will Be Boys–if true, this kid victimized people. He did a disturbingly terrible thing–not just the invasion of privacy, but he misled people in need (which can be said about a lot of alt treatments, not just whatever the hell this kid practiced).

I wouldn’t want to see him jail, but I think he definitely needs therapy.

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You’d be surprised at the grammar and spelling lapses some doctors make.

I’m wondering if he ever saw Chameleon Street? Itself based on actual events, this kid could be Chameleon Street II: Electric Boogaloo, Miami.