Flowing lava engulfs a can of Chef Boyardee ravioli




I must confess this is the sort of thing I would do if there was an active volcano near to where I live. And if I was a little bored on a sunday afternoon.


It looks like it was taken with a good telephoto lens, so I don’t think it was excessively dangerous. I’m a little disappointed that they opened the can first, I was expecting a ravioli explosion when I clicked on the video. It does look like they left the can at least partially full though, since it spends a long time boiling off after it is engulfed.


I’m disappointed it wasn’t canned tamales.


would’ve been much cooler if the can had been full. I wanted to see it burst open in an eruptions of molten ravioli.


I was thinking the same thing. This looked more like an empty can.


Same here, I pictured a spray of ravioly erupting from the lava.

They could do this again, but with a lava lamp.


They could make a small fortune just posting videos of things being consumed by lava.


Mix and match memes - will lava blend?!


As several have stated, the title is inaccurate: this isn’t “a can of chef boyardee ravioli”, it’s an empty chef boyardee ravioli can. Much less interesting (though possibly much safer to film - no exploding can!).


Now I want to go collect the slab of lava and machine it into a sphere with the remnants of a can embedded inside.

(I honestly have no idea if that’s possible, never mind legal, ethical, etc. But man! Lava sphere with can!)


That would be great!


While an exploding can may be dangerous I do wonder if the radius for danger from exploding can is larger than the safe distance from lava.


What about a white hot nickel ball in lava? Which is hotter?


Well, I once gathered some data via a setup that included a can of ravioly (the veggie ones by Maggi), beer, the munchies and a huge bonfire. Extrapolating from this I think that a 5 meter savety radius should do it.
Anyone here from Hawaii with data on lava?


Awwe! Video is down.


Empty can? Booo, Fail.


I have a whole shelf full of “expired” canned vegetables and soups which I will GLADLY mail to Hawaii if someone takes the time to place them in front of a lava flow and film them, one at a time.

I’m serious. I’ll even donate the equivalent amount of new, fresh cans to the Oregon Food Bank.


Somebody from Hawaii, please do this! Pretty please, with sugar on?


What about the safe radius for an exploding can sending chunks of red-hot lava into the air?