Make a mini popcorn machine with two Pepsi cans

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That was like 5x too much popcorn for a device that size (if you ask me)

I still have to resist the urge to get one of those hand-cranked stovetop popcorn pans. I’d make kettle corn every day.


I think they should have been using this background music. With French lyrics becaudes French cuisine is awesome.


My fingers started to bleed just watching this video.


I’m scaling this up to deep fry a turkey. Yum!


This reminds me of a water-pipe I once macgyvered out of a pepsi can in college. Good times


wow this youtuber is way more practical than 5-minute crafts

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Those are my favorite too. My vote for best popcorn popping method.

didn’t this result in headlines such as the following?

14yo Tried Following a Homemade Popcorn Tutorial But It Explodes in Her Face & Kills Her

Girl, 14, dies from severe burns after copying Chinese YouTuber’s video on how to make popcorn with a tin can

Girl, 14, died of horror burns trying to copy YouTuber’s dangerous popcorn in tin can cooking trick

(a certain type of newspaper is attracted to this sort of story, so no links)

Sitting at my computer and reading your comment I actually laughed out aloud


Yep! There’s a youtuber who debunks these “fake crafts” videos, and she did a whole video on this popcorn craft

It’s quite an interesting rabbit-hole she goes down, exposing some content farms making recipe videos that can’t possibly work, but are highly click and sharable on the various socials.

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As a popcorn fanatic (I’ve attended movies I wasn’t really interested in just to eat popcorn), I approve.

But the Concern Troll™ in me wonders about the possible coating(s) on the inside of a pop can, and what that candle heat might release.

It also suffers from the "spits out too many unpopped kernals. The classic West Bend-style air popper:

but I discovered if you leave the “butter melter” lid off and tilt the apparatus backwards ~30 degrees, the majority of unpoppeds would end up behind the popper instead of out the chute and into the bowl.

Also, ghee (clarified butter) is best oil. Higher smoking point, lasts on the counter forever, and give enough butter flavour that I no longer add butter. I’ll fight anyone who disagrees.

Popcorn time!


AFAIK, the inside of soda cans is coated with a thin plastic layer - probably not the smartest thing to do then.


I’m worried about the hygenic consequences of using one of the 3 sea shells for catching the popcorn.

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I thought it was an ashtray at first.

This seems like a delicious way to burn down your house.

Sigh. You just had to include numbers, didn’t you?

Now my engineering brain needs to find the protractor, a place that sells ghee, and make a big bowl this evening. Friday night is movie/pizza night with my kids so this will be the buttery, salty icing on the cake :slight_smile:


“If you have never done sheet-metal work, you will find it is a hand-opening experience.”


The interior of soda cans have a plastic coating. So this would melt the plastic and coat it on the popcorn.

I was looking for that story to post in these comments. Seems you beat me to it.

Air-popped is my least favorite popcorn. May as well call it dehydrated popcorn.

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