Flying dumpster attacks man, man calmly walks away


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It isn’t a dumpster, its like a bus shack or something similar.


  1. wind isn’t going to blow a dumpster around like that, and not a person.

  2. There isn’t a bottom or a front, which is why he wasn’t squished.


@frauenfelder the gif on the post isn’t animated.
Also that is some serious cool on the part of the human involved.


I knew a dumpster like that once.


What? No fire? Pshaw…


I hate flying dumpsters…no wonder people set them on fire serves them right.


I once shot a dumpster in my pajamas…


I’d like to have seen that.


Yeah how the hell did that dumpster get into your pajamas…you wanna explain that?



Hummm is this another one of your pajama tricks…you’re starting to worry me.


I’ll never know.


Think slight modification on A Christmas Story. But otherwise, yes, I must be going.


I bet the elephant knows. He saw it when he left his footprints in the peanut butter.


Stop slut shaming!


Yes it is; you just didn’t wait long enough.

The action starts at about the 20-minute mark.


yes I know exactly where the light in the fridge comes from, cause my dad told me when I was a kid, it’s the little man who lives in the fridge, so take that bill o’reilly!


Yeah it doesn’t appear to be a dumpster. When it rolls around initially you can see that it’s missing a front and bottom. Kind of unsettling though, the guy’s nonchalant reaction seems odd to me. I’d get the hell out of there had it happened to me :open_mouth:


I once shot a dumpster in your pajamas also.


I think it’s a donation box. To put clothes and household items in for charity like Salvation Army.