Fohm turns your toilet paper into a wet wipe that won’t eventually cost you thousands

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Or you could just add soap and water before you wipe?

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cost you up to $3,000 or more

This is the same as saying “up to $1 or more.” If you use both “up to” and “or more” the number in the middle is basically meaningless.


Yum! Foamy butthole!

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Thank you. I’m so tired of even science-based publications saying “we could see as much as a 30-50% increase” etc.

This comment took me up to 2-10 minutes to compose.


I think you mean “coarse”, like sand.


Does nobody do paying any more? Do we all now have to do ‘dropping’?

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well, at least it does reflect how the money disappears by drips and drops…

Just spit on the damn toilet paper, you prudes


Wait, how did your cat manage to post this? :thinking:


At 10 bucks per month, you could use fancy eye cream and still save.

But it does inspire me to experiment; something about my bidet just doesn’t feel as good as wet wipes.

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