looks like the texas gop has really come through for people /s

[Texas] ratepayers could see an increase in their bills for the next 30 years… and ratepayers as far away as Minnesota will be paying surcharges for years to come after their utilities had to pay $800 million more than expected for natural gas


Gas sellers made record profits in just a few days, together bringing in as much as $11 billion, about 70–100 times more than normal, based on spot prices at the time.

at least all that money means this winter will be better:

In a law passed in May, the Railroad Commission was given the authority to write regulations for critical gas infrastructure, including winterization. But… the law includes a loophole that allows gas producers, for $150, to file for an exemption



Re the Travis Scott Concert crush (Videos show crowd stampede at Travis Scott concert that left 8 dead, hundreds hurt)

The death toll is now 10.


Why is it not the Live Nation Crush?


Because he was on stage at the time and I didn’t know that “Live Nation Crush” was correct name of this tragedy?

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good thing corporations can hide behind some words.


@Mindysan33 raises a valid point that this tragedy had nothing to do with the artist’s actions and everything to do with the organizers’.

ETA: the articles I’m seeing are referring to it as the “Astroworld festival crush.”


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Meanwhile, Biogen had set the list price at $56,000 per year. Media analyses suggested that at that price, the drug could cost Medicare up to $334.5 billion per year, which is nearly half of the budget for the Department of Defense. A cost-effectiveness analysis by the nonprofit Institute for Clinical and Economic Review pegged a reasonable price for Aduhelm between $3,000 to $8,400 per year.

Profit motive and medicine do not mix.


Most expensive snake oil ever yet

This is a ridiculous grift, selling false hope to people watching their elderly loved ones fade away at a modest price of (checks calculator) 99% of everything, give or take. There is only tissue paper thin evidence that this therapy even might have a detectable benefit, so we are really talking about patients paying incomprehensible $$$ to participate in what is essentially a hail mary phase IV clinical trial minus the controls.


that didn’t take long

apparently several advisors have already left because the public statements made by the “university” didn’t line up with why they signed up

the winner of the sinking ship award said

he was going to concentrate on his book (which came out in September)






That is an incredible detail, lol


Cory’s email today has some stuff about LiveNation

🪢 Live Nation is to blame for the Astroworld deaths

It’s obviously grotesque to pick a “worst thing” about the Astroworld catastrophe that killed ten people (including a young child), but it’s pretty easy to pick a “most enraging thing” about the disaster - how foreseeable and preventable it was.

The kind of crowd-crush that killed and maimed those Astroworld attendees happens all the time. There was another stampede at the Astrodome, two weeks previous, at a Playboi Carti show.

And that wasn’t even the first time a Playboi Carti Astrodome show had a stampede - the same thing happened in 2019:

As David Dayen writes in The American Prospect, this happens at concerts all over the place, whenever you have the combination of general admission venues, a set of barriers that kettle attendees, and understaffed security. It happened in Central Park in 2018, at Snoop Dogg and Gwen Stefani gigs in 2016, and more.

It would be weird if all these different venues all engaged in the same unsafe practices, but there’s a common thread running through all of this: Live Nation, the monopolist whose conglomerate also includes Ticketmaster, Pandora and Siriusxm. Live Nation also has an equity stake in 300 major venues. If you’re going to a gig, whatever happens is Live Nation’s fault, because it runs the show.

As Dayen writes, monopolists don’t have to care about adverse outcomes from corporate negligence. It’s nearly impossible to enjoy live music without enriching Live Nation, so why should they give a shit if people who go to those shows get killed?

Live Nation understaffed the Astroworld show. It understaffs all its shows.

And, as is typical for Live Nation, the company had no contingency plan for a crowd surge:

(It did have a contingency plan for dead concertgoers, though: security staff were to refer to these corpses as “Smurfs” so as not to alarm other concertgoers).

Live Nation knows that, as a monopolist, it’s both too big to fail and too big to jail. The DoJ can whack it with $20,000,000 fines for corporate espionage and it just shrugs it off:

It can illegally require bands to use Ticketmaster for all their live-shows, get caught, only to be told “Don’t do it again” by the FTC:

And then, it can do it again, knowing the only consequence will be the FTC saying “Don’t do it again,” again.

No wonder the company’s stock-price hit a record high in the middle of a pandemic in which the global market for live events declined to a figure indistinguishable from zero:

As Dayen writes, the failure to enforce antitrust law on concert promoters may seem like a mere dereliction of duty, but it actually creates a substantial risk to public safety. Without antitrust enforcement, it doesn’t matter how high Live Nation’s kill-count climbs, they’ll still be in business.


As I said before: never give live nation money. They are scum.

And ticket touts who rip off the artists.

Because monopoly