Font based on the cool S that everyone learns to draw when they are a teenager


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I’ve always thought of this as the “heavy metal S” because of a resemblance to certain '80s heavy metal album cover fonts.


None of the other letters look nearly as cool as the Cool S, which doesn’t even look that cool.

The Wikipedia article for the Cool S (which is flagged for deletion) lists the Supeman S as an alternate name. I don’t think that was a typo.




Ummm. Isn’t the reason we all drew that in the 90s because is was a Stussy logo? You guys gotta give credit where credit is deserved… I grew up back then. It wasn’t some mysterious cool S… It was literally on a bunch of Stussy clothing so we all drew it. Just like the Metallica logo


This came up on the last post about the S. It predates Stussy, the founder says it wasn’t them, and nobody can find any examples of Stussy clothing with this S on it. This is as close as I can find:

(It’s also not the Suzuki S.)


Teenager? If nine is a teenager maybe.


I had never heard of this S before.


What year was that? becase I have 1983-84 as the first time I came across it, in local poser/surf culture (in New England, where surfing is… not a super common sport)


86-ish for me, in Minnesota where only the truly insane attempt to surf in the absolutely worst weather on Lake Superior in Duluth.

It’s the Heavy Metal S.


Now we know what Rob was like in High School, though I would have thought more JD from Heathers, but a drawer of metal looking letter Ss works, too.

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