Font censors self as you type

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Sounds like something BB would incorporate into their bbs!

If I ever own another racing boat it will be named [REDACTED] just for the fun in the rankings.


Not having any luck with it on my Win7 laptop; all I get is plain text. That makes me very ▮▮▮▮▮▮.

Wait, how does this work? How can a font possibly know what words you have typed?

It can be used normally to write text as any other font does, but once one of these trigger words is written the font automatically crosses it out. Therefore giving you an overview of your text in terms of these trigger words

What crazy font feature is this using? Ligatures maybe? Something that would require the font to see multiple letters together?


feature liga { # Ligatures
		sub f i by f_i;
	} liga;

I see, it’s the same principle here, when you see (x) letters in series, replace them with a glyph.

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