Real words that work as CSS colors for your website


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Very interesting. Strange to think how “IDIOT” is such a serious shade of blue.

I have to point out he forgot one: “OOOOOO!”


Anyone else disappointed that COFFEE isn’t coffee?


As discussed at HN, the colour ‘chucknorris’ comes out as red in HTML5. Try it.



Why is this rendering as a slightly different color for each person?


Anyone care to explain to me how any letters beyond A-F are found in a “hexadecimal” number? I don’t get it.


you are correct, they aren’t. the author took some liberties…
0 = o
1 = i or L
5 = s
7 = t


Ah, thanks; they weren’t completely clear.

Edit -> The author explained the “o” but I didn’t realize they’d gone full “1337”-speak =p . Thank {Deity of your choice} that crap has mostly died, barring FPS gamer and/or forum names…


Well, if you’re going to allow that, then

Or that that the Roman numeral V isn’t available to replace the 5 in C05FEF(E)?


Because of the mid 1990s browser wars.


I’m disappointed that DECAFF isn’t in there.


Ah yes, the color of falling asleep in traffic at 70mph.


As long as there are passwords I will maintain my fluency in 1337.


Did someone say COVFEFE?


Aw, they don’t include #BADA55.

I wonder what it would look like if, given knowledge of the probable distribution of consonants and vowels in 6-letter English words using that letter set, you plotted the colors of all valid words (or even “valid” words in terms of consonant-vowel pair combinations that exist in English but don’t form words) on a spectrum.


Because some of you (AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) still eat meat!


Is he the same artist who did that Evita Parody, mango tour?

I like this one better.


They also missed DEFEC8 even though they included DEFEC7.


Here is my list of 6-letter valid color words:



3-letter colors: