Font Weirdness on Android Tablet

Hey @codinghorror, here’s a question for you:

See how the font changes sizes in the middle of the page? I see this on my Android tablet probably two or three times in a given hour of reading.

Why’s it doing that?

(ETA - Android 4.4.2 on a cheapo tablet, with Chrome.)

I looked at the post and the markup seems fine in it.

Have you updated to latest Chrome? You can also try Chrome Beta which is fairly stable – avoid Chrome Dev though which is bleeding edge.

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Sometimes the browser chooses the smaller font, and sometimes the larger, and I have no idea how it chooses.

And then, usually while scrolling down, it will just…change.

Chrome should be ok, I let it auto-update.

It’s not a big deal, it just seems strange to me. Thanks!

While we’re here, would you like to tell us about the new Make Wiki button?

Chrome has a “feature” where it will try to dynamically resize text that it considers “too small” for your mobile screen.

I haven’t seen that particular “feature” rear its ugly head in a long while, but it looks like that is what you are seeing. I recommend using Chrome Beta to see if that helps. As I mentioned, it’s pretty stable. Dev is where the fragile stuff is.

Not going to answer the other, as it’s off topic.


We changed our android detection a bit and err heavily on the side of sending the mobile design down now. I believe this will help, unless you are one of the very few people on a large Android tablet, in which case you will hate me with the fire of a thousand :sun_with_face:s.

TL;DR Android tablet ecosystem is more or less dead meat at this point in time relative to iPad (also, the iPad is a hell of a lot better hardware, software, apps you name it, it’s better on iPad, Android tablets are a wasteland of manifold disappointments).

Android phones on the other hand – alive and doing quite well, thanks for asking!


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