Font weirdness

Is it just me, or does Boing Boing’s font look different today?

Softer, maybe - or the spacing has changed?

It’ll help if you tell us your OS/Browser, and whether you recently updated or installed new hardware or software.

I’m not seeing anything different on Win7/Chrome, but my Android4.4(I think?)/Chrome tablet does strange things with text size sometimes.

It’ll render two sizes of the same page of comments at the top and bottom of the page. Or sometimes, just the one comment in the middle will be the bolder font. I refresh the thread, it goes back to normal.


No repro for me. Looks fine on Safari iOS and Windows 10 Chrome.

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If you hit Ctrl-0 (or Command-0 on Mac), does it go back to normal? I find having zoomed a little one direction or the other makes browser fonts look perceivably different without always being perceivably larger or smaller.

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