Foo Fighters reveal new drummer in a fun way

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That is great fun. I now imagine that all drummers walk around with a pair of sticks in their hand at all time… Except when grooming poodles, of course. That’s a two hand job; and I’m sure the dogs would be more than happy to hold the sticks.


I know she’s far too young for it to be a real possibility, but I was really rooting for Nandi Bushell.


I like how Josh Freese is listed as the Foo’s new drummer and not as a replacement for Taylor Hawkins. He’s irreplaceable.

Jamming Taylor Hawkins GIF by Foo Fighters


I love all fellow mutant poodle :poodle: groomers and any musical friends they bring along for fun. Good show.

So was I.

Maybe in a few years.

I saw Josh Freese with several different bands in the early '90s – definitely School of Fish, I think Paul Westerberg, and at least one more that is escaping me – and I knew he was a session drummer because of how obsessively I used to read liner notes in my cassette tapes and CDs. At each of those shows, he wore a t-shirt with a 1-800 number on it, and while I never dialed it, I somehow felt confident that it was the number to call if I really needed a drummer.

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