Watch Taylor Hawkins perform Queen's "Somebody To Love" days before his tragic death

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Here’s a slightly longer version (more like the album cut), from Jan 15th in LA.

I feel really sad for Dave and Pat right now. I recently saw an interview on Howard Stern where they were asked about listening to old Nirvana tracks. They were really joyous and Dave had a great anecdote about his daughter and Pat talked about how they occasionally still play with Krist, but they also said that it’s something that still causes pain because of Kurt’s death.

And this is the last song they ever played live with Taylor. :pleading_face:

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Incredibly sad loss. RIP.
Just posted today on Letterman’s YT channel below.
Awesome Cheap Trick cover with Rick on guitar and Hawkins on vocals. Man.
Rockin’ the 70’s Robin Zander suit, too.


This really shocked me when I heard about it yesterday.
He was a great drummer and much too young to die.
I fear that this will be the end of the Foo Fighters.


Taylor Hawkins is dead? It’s remarkable how demanding it is to be the drummer for… everyone else’s drummer. It was a tall order, with plenty of notable problems, but he was just as remarkable and creative as needed to make that happen.


How sad. He seemed like he was having the time of his life.


I’m tremendously saddened by this. Such talent struck down so young. The passion and energy Hawkins brought to the band elevated the FFs to the highest levels. And by all accounts he was just a very nice guy to boot.

One of my favorite Foo moments was when they inducted Rush into the RRHoF back in 2013. Taylor’s impersonation of his idol Peart was both touching and hilarious. A monumental loss.


Sigh… I wish these artists would just stick with the sex and rock and roll and leave the drugs out.

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That would leave “small aircraft mishap” as the leading cause of rock star death.

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