Footage from Varda capsule re-entering Earth's atmosphere is a trip

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I thought that the producers of the TV series Constellation did a good job showing a re-entry scenario. Astronauts had a convincing HOLY SHIT! watching the plasma burn on the way down to Earth from the Space Station.


Very cool!

And extra bonus points for NOT adding a soundtrack of stirring inspirational music!


So what causes that “hyperspace” look? Is that dust and particles in the upper atmosphere? Burning/shedding of shielding? I’m more curious after watching than I was before!


An altimeter would have been nice. I feel like the transition from burning reentry to clouds was faster than I expected. Some sense of speed or rate of decent would have helped.


That’s one sturdy meringue cookie from what it looks like to me, maybe a firmly iced custom Pepperidge Farms cake…

well baked either way!

I’ll never be cruel to a jynnan tonnyx again!

I’m confused about the depth of field of this camera. How come both the capsule and the Earth are in focus?


So my guess is those streaks are material ablating off the leading edge. But I dunno. Pretty spectacular!

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Ablatives gonna ablate.

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There were several dissolves in the video between one phase of re-entry and the next, so we’re not getting the full real-time footage here.
Still neat footage, of course.


Occam’s razor would probably indicate it’s just a prop on a sound stage…
The capsule might not even be real. Physical props aren’t as common as they once were.

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