Footage of empty Beijing mall

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Your mall has a Norstrom’s?!?!?

This is what the “sad mall” near us looks like most of the time. It’s where they filmed the mall scenes for Stranger Things season 3. Also last year there was a dead body there and no one found it for two weeks, it was really sad.


Malls in China can be pretty dead during a weekday too. Depends on the mall and the time of day. The one I lived near was frequented by my mom while I was at work. She’d go do some walking around 10am. Lap after lap, just her and the mall security.

5pm, and the place was certainly packed. If that’s when this video was taken, then that’s shocking.

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In Rapid City SD, they have a lovely, seemingly empty mall, still stores.

But most of the anchor stores moved to this new area and type of retail development where it is like a huge huge strip mall of big box stores, must be a mile or more long. Some are detached, but they are all still in a line, and use the same side walk parking lot.

I’d rather walk around inside, big stores, little stores, kiosk stores. None of that at these new big box strip mall things.

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What were they scanning at his wrist area in the shopping mall? Does everyone have a bar code now?

Pretty sure that was the temperature taking part.


Tricorders are a thing now.

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