Footage shows policeman stuck in own car window

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Some one needs to watch how the Duke boys do it a couple more times and then try again.


Sad thing is that someone is standing right next to him without helping. That’s what you get when you behave like a flip-trigger thug - no ones gonna help you - out of spite or fear.


If he weren’t currently busy being apoplectic, I’d be interested to have Scalia’s opinion on this hilarious example of ‘the new professionalism’. Fortunately an atypically harmless example.

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It’d be pretty hard to provide assistance without ‘reaching toward his gun’, and we all know how that ends.


He is in deep water, cannot get out the engine is flooded. He doesn’t want to open the door because the water will flood the inside of the vehicle. He realizes he cannot accomplish anything else and he must get out and possibly push the car. Looking to the window as his only available exit he formulates the plan. Legs, through the opening, with his rear as a cushion to slide him through - wait! What’s this? A utility belt? Curses! Surely he can possibly kick his legs to free the belt.

It was in this twisting tormented struggle for freedom the officer found himself on that cold wet day when approached another vehicle, it’s driver capturing the chaos the rain had unleashed on the roadside on his phone.

Later he’ll say that “Ha ha ha. Motherfucker coming out the window.” was all you could hear when watching the footage, but it wasn’t true. He could hear as if just over his shoulder what first sounded like a crackling vibration, its origin difficult to perceive, emanating from everywhere. It was like a thousand twigs being snapped each second. Trying to focus on just one of the pops he realized he’d heard it before.


He shuddered. When placing his belt on as he prepared to leave for patrol that morning it was so quiet. Just the gentle pounding of the rain on the roof. Now sitting at the station filling out an incident report he only could hear the pounding roar of one million mice being pressed over and over as they replayed and laughed at that video again and again.

He sees his boss come over and isn’t sure how he is going to handle him in light of the video. The other guys at the station haven’t been able to walk past him without cracking a smile. He knows he’s a joke.

“Hey look the cars gonna be fine, but I been getting these calls about that youtube thing. I mean, the camera doesn’t lie so what should I say? Your lower half is famous.”

“I’ll tell you what you say. You say nothing.” He pierced his bosses eyes with a cold glare. The boss stared curiously at him for a moment, then turned toward the door.

“Know what? Alright. I’ll do it but know that one day I may ask a favor of you. If you don’t want to be known as Dangle for the rest of your life you better come through for me you understand?”

He walked out leaving the officer to slump in his seat gazing down toward his navel and then to his buckle.

“Stupid belt.”


I saw the “Texas” state outline on the car door, and well we all know what that means…

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What’s that Papasan?

Tactical bumbling.

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Why do you smirking smirkers hate our Boys in Blue? Do you want the criminals to win? Criminals and terrorists, that’s who’s laughing too. How hard are you going to laugh when they kill you? Not hard at all, that’s how hard!

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Florida Man gets job as Texas Trooper.


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