Footage shows white man shooting at black boy who asked for directions


This is strictly anecdotal though. It does happen*. My wife witnessed this exact thing happen to a neighbor. She was kicking herself for a long time for not realizing what was going on while seeing it.

I’ve been incredibly lucky, but the majority of places I’ve lived have had neighbors robbed or the place I lived was robbed within a year after leaving. The thing in common they’ve all had is that they were robbed during the day, when no one was home. Since none of these were caught in the act, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that whoever did it made sure by some means that no one was home, and in at least one case this involved going to the front door.

*(this being BB, of course I have to post that this has no bearing on the racist piece of shit at hand, who will hopefully rot in jail and in no way justifies his murderous actions)


The White guy said he was “tired of being a victim”.
Well, that’s that then. Mustn’t have wipipo feeling victimized


So merely answering the door, without brandishing, shooting, or even owning a shotgun would have been enough to prevent being robbed.



And that is why the term of art now is “collision” rather than “accident.”


That is correct, and how my mother-in-law foiled a pair of housebreakers at our house back in 2012 or so.


Every single word you posted. EXACTLY.


That was such a great movie.


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