Belligerent gas station racist says he doesn't like cameras

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I think the son’s comment hit the nail in the head. We need better laws to prevent idiots like this being released with little to no penalty. His poor white trash ass should pay for the damage he caused. [MOD: removed reference to mental state.] But honestly if the store owner wanted him thrown in prison, that’s his right to press for it. Fuck these guys. No mercy.


Were the charges dropped or was he just released after posting bail?

Either way, it’s called “white privilege”. FACT!


It’s a short video and your questions are answered


There’s also the possibility he was released on his own recognizance.

I watched the video, it just said he was released - not released on bail or OR.

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D.A.'s office says investigation into ‘bias crime’ is underway

I agree there was a ton of white privilege there, but it doesn’t sound like he was just let off with little or no repercussions (yet). If he gets near the gas station or employees again, bail should be revoked.

I also agree that if he was not white, the whole situation would have been different and he would have had a significant chance of being in a life threatening position.

That sucks and that IS white privilege all over the place. There is a video of him going nuts!

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Also, I often feel I need to set better limits with technology, but I think one of the most profound events of my lifetime is that surveillance has been put in the hands of the people. All these recording devices and options for immediate upload have broken the issue of violent racism wide open to those who wanted to pretend it was no longer a problem.
I’m glad this guy had the presence of mind to record during what must’ve been a really scary interaction. Security footage doesn’t usually include audio, so glad he caught that to prove it wasn’t “just” some drunk nutter, but a raging racist.


Just FYI, the DA’s statement in the KOIN article mentions a Monday morning (today) court appearance and bias charges, so it’s probably safe to assume the case didn’t get dropped.

ETA: I’m not agreeing with his release, just clarifying he is due in court today.


The point is he shouldn’t be roaming the streets while he awaits trial. You can bet your sweet ass a person of color caught on camera wouldn’t have been granted bail or ROR. Keep in mind that it was illegal to be black in Oregon up until 1926 and the anti-black text wasn’t removed from the state constitution until 2002 (and that 2002 vote was not unanimous).


I’m not agreeing with his release, just clarifying he is due in court today .


I suspect this is the type of person, that if the consequences don’t hurt enough, he will be angrier and emboldened to do something worse. The consequences must be severe and without delay, to be a deterrent to future similar behavior.

White privilege - from sea to shining sea.


This is not a good look for Rip Torn.
I just hope he has a good publicist…

Makes me so angry that I’m in tears. I hear the terrified guy call out and all I can think of is he could easily be a coworker or someone in my town I run into regularly. I’d like to think that if I was there that I would do something. But really, when you work at a convenience store you’re all alone a lot of the time (I used to work at 7-eleven).


Clip needs a warning.


I . . . wouldn’t worry.


I hope the shop owner can successfully sue for damages. Hopefully he will install some security cameras so he doesn’t have to put himself in harm’s way to record this kind of behavior. I would have been terrified!