White venture capitalist sees black men in shared office building gym, calls 911

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Still hoping this video will seem dated one day.


I was really hoping BB would report about this but guess i’ll post it:


Now, you see… I would have handled this differently. I would have happily said, “yes, please… call the police”, but not before saying, “did a toddler dye your hair for you?”


This train is never late. Leaving 10x daily…

I should post the link to the original; credit where it’s due:


This guy has an uncanny resemblance to Amy Cooper in NY. I wonder if they’re related.


They hijacked what now?

What a little bitch.


My thinking is “what heroism or accomplishment justified the prior name?” Naming it for Natives doesn’t need to be questioned. Naming it for a slave- owning colonizer absolutely merits being questioned.


Are you a Black person?

If your answer is “no,” then of course you would have reacted differently.

Just sayin’.


Man, that is sickening…

The absurd thing to me. is that only a single case like this, should be enough to justify resisting arrest from there on out.

Resisting arrest is a crime right? The unspoken agreement there is that if you stop resisting you will be treated with respect. The evidence here (and it’s not just a single case) is that sometimes this will not get you respect but will get you killed. If your life is on the line, you should be allowed a lot more leeway then normally.

Also, what should you do as a bystander here? You are watching someone get killed, do you plead with the officers? Do you attempt to physically stop them? That last one puts your own safety on the line.


“I would have done this regardless of race.”

See, I’m not a racist, I’m an asshole… and a racist.


Yeah i would be terrified to jump in and help the guy, reading this and other articles bystanders were pleading the cops to do something to help to no avail. One of the cops was specifically watching the bystanders and standing guard. The whole situation is repulsive and monstrous, yet sadly its also ordinary for the US.


What I find amazing (and disturbing/infuriating/remarkable) is: Don’t these racists realize the ramifications of their actions? No - they double down WHILE BEING RECORDED.

You would think they have seen the fallout, the mass condemnation…the shaming - and zipped that lip as soon as the camera is rolling.

BUT NO - they need to fulfill their self-destruct protocol anyways.

Some recover from this, some don’t. Recommended reading:

PS -pet peeve -these idiots REALLY need to stop calling 911. That’s for emergencies, not inconveniences.


Are you saying all wypipo look alike?

:thinking: :laughing:


“They got in my face in a very threatening manner”

Uh yeah, we can see the video, you know. It’s amazing how these Karens come up with their narratives about how they’re being threatened, apparently unconcerned that there’s video evidence to the contrary. I guess if you expect - probably based on previous experience - that the cops will show up and make life hell for the target of your racism just based on your say-so, you would be unconcerned about the reality.

I expect his idea of their “getting in his face” (i.e. not backing down) was a result of his challenging their right to be there, not the cause, and he still thinks it’s a justification.

It’s been a long-running “mystery” in American policing as to why black arrestees suddenly stopped breathing when arrested. It must have been drugs! Some sort of pre-existing medical problems! (It certainly couldn’t be because the cops literally knelt on their necks until they died.) Then ubiquitous cameras came along…

Do we even know if that part of the police report is true? Their report about the events covered by the video, which came out before the video, bears no resemblance to what actually happened. (Leaving aside that “resisting arrest” is the go-to charge for cops looking for a bullshit reason to arrest someone, and have included examples where the “resisting” was literally involuntary movements by the person while being beaten on the ground by police officers, while being restrained.) What’s useful about video evidence is that it’s showing that the official, white narratives of events are total lies. (And perversely, thanks to the huge amount of legal protection police benefit from, it’s the lies that get them in trouble, not the actual murders.)

Yeah, that was my immediate question when seeing the video. As a bystander, you can’t really legally intervene, even if they’re murdering someone in front of you. I mean, theoretically some legal argument could be made in your defense if you risked your life to intervene, but you’d most likely get totally hosed legally, if you survived intact. That’s part of what makes it so horrific.

But they’re in the right! Black people are being uppity! (They’ve also probably been doing shit like this for years and getting away with it, so why stop now? I mean, this justification has worked for the entirety of US history, so…)


Since racist Tom Austin is the managing partner at F2 Group he won’t get fired like racist Amy Cooper. But I have a feeling that his firm will be losing their minority-owned business clients as well as any client that wants business intelligence on minority communities. Perhaps he’ll make it up with business from “very fine people” like himself, but I’m hoping not.


I don’t know, your speculation sounds at least as plausible.

I was talking more generally though.

Resisting being killed should definitely be legal, if people are getting killed like this, any resisting of a arrest could be seen as preventing a possible death.

I really don’t understand why we never hear from other cops speaking out against this. Things like this severely undermine their credibility and authority. Things like this leads to people resisting more, to all interactions escalating more. It makes all their jobs more dangerous.


I have a feeling he doesn’t have many, if any.

In Minnesota, “person of color” means 1/4 Italian.


Thank you… because regardless to gender, that dude was a total “Karen.”

It boggles my mind how deep the cognitive dissonance must go in order for someone to be aware of current technology, to see the cameras recording their own words and actions, and then to still try to reinvent reality to suit their own preferred narrative, despite tangible evidence to the contrary.

He initiated the encounter, and then perceived the lack of ‘automatic deference’ in response as “confrontation.”

Talk about an expectation of privilege…