While eating man's face, Florida 'cannibal killer' wore Trump 'Make America Great Again' hat

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/08/18/while-eating-mans-face-flor.html

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I always thought Bret Easton Ellis’s characters were kind of blunt metaphors and so suffered from a real believably prob- oh god this is real life, goddamnit, we are fucked, jesus snapchatting christ.


Trump’s secret core support demographic - douchebag cannibals.


Oh good. Autoplay.


you win.


Very poor taste, Xeni.

I wonder if they did a ct scan they would find something in his brain, like that shooter in 1966 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Whitman#Connally_Commission




I think we’ve found Trump’s campaign manager for next week.

Breitbart just doesn’t have enough bite.


If he’d been wearing a BLM garment would BoingBoing care?


No, but practically every other media outlet would.


Oh man. Hearing what his mom’s saying about recent behavior changes in the recording, I wonder if it’s schizophrenia. He’s right around the age when it manifests in men. :frowning:


I s’pose a little A1 would help.


“When the officers arrived, they tried to subdue the killer with attack dogs and non-lethal weapons, but they didn’t shoot him because he wasn’t black.”

I see what you did there. Very clever. Two face eaters, one african american, one caucasian: one shot dead (african american, a year or more ago was it?) and one not (caucasian, a day or two ago). Yep, got it.

You do realize, though, that, cleverness and possible social justice concerns aside, what your snark boils down to is you taking issue with the fact that cops did not shoot someone, right?

You know, it’s just possible that, in this instance, the cops sized up the situation and chose not to shoot this young doofus, who was almost certainly in the throes of some kind of drug induced psychosis and/or mental health crisis (i.e. the face eating bit, which even a casual observer would’ve recognized as being highly irregular) for the very reason that police recently have been the subject of much criticism for not sizing up tense situations accurately/rationally, for shooting first and asking questions later, for not recognizing mental health issues for what they are and simply brutalizing suspects as they instinctively resisted during their respective breakdowns, etc. etc.

We don’t know the all the facts yet, obviously, nor do we know what was going on in these cop’s minds when they arrived on the scene, but what if it was something along the lines of “gosh, a lot of us cops sure have been shooting the fuck out of perps lately and getting in heaps of trouble for it and making the people we’re here to Protect and Serve much less likely to trust us: maybe this time we better do our best to take this guy into custody alive instead of just shooting him and being done with it”.

Either way, on August 15th there was one less person killed by police: I would think that’s a good thing. But since he was (as has been pointed out in a number of media outlets) a “frat boy” and possibly a Trump supporter, maybe not. Not around here at least.


So what you’re saying is white cannibals deserve a second helping chance.

Sounds like a really… Fine Young Cannibal


No, they’re taking issue with the fact cops DID shoot someone in a situation where, with a different skin color, they’re willing to try taking them in alive.

Strawmanning your opponents arguments is bad form.


Thanks for the autoplay, Xeni!

I’m happy for all the times our police manage to bring in a suspect without draining all the life juice first.

This story is capital B bizarre.

Stop shooting people for no reason, cops!

Show some humanity with all of humanity’s non white branches too, and someday we’ll trust you again


Heard any whooshing sounds above you lately?


I love how that second paragraph boils down to ‘horrible new details: mother of boy caught cannibalizing his murder victims reported to police that her son was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, thought he was a superhero.’

Now, this is pretty much the same thing as the headline, and to both I have to say:


That’s the important new datum. That’s a fact which will shed new light, revealing to us the true nature and cause of this young man’s depraved, senseless acts.

It’s a gorram hat. It signifies darn near nothing.

It was only a useful fact when he was at large, and then only because it could help identify him. At this juncture, it has no relevance.