For 13 years, Texas has been secretly, illegally denying kids special education


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Sadly, this isn't that much of a secret. It's the basis of the school to prison pipeline.


There's no way to know exactly but I wonder how much this actually ended up costing the state. The suicides, attempted suicides, incarceration costs...of course I'm sure for-profit prisons and others were more than happy to reap the "benefits".


See, this guy is just wasted as the Secretary of Energy. We should make him and Elaine Chao fight to the death for the Department of Education.


A "secret" that involves thousands of school personnel! This practice is unconstitutional and unethical. School psychologists have their own ethical guidelines-- clearly not followed. An old article from 1993 by Chevalier and Lyon shows that school psychologists don't have enough ethical training.

When we have evil leaders, we need ethical and brave practitioners.


"One Billion Quaatloos on the newcommer!"

cue Star Trek "fight* music


This is how the right and other assorted libertarians operate. They destroy social programs (for lack of a better term) to prove they don't work. Then they go on to collect a paycheck from the very government they say they hate.
Imagine the person you have to be that actively fights to stop helping people.


Oh, that's easy - a compassionate conservative Christian.


How does it save money to deny them education and put them in mental institutions? Seems like another case of "ideology before reality."


It's all about priorities.


More insidious then gerrymandering. Insuring conservatives retain control of the state government for generations.


I believe Elaine Chao is up for Secretary of Transportation, and Betsy DeVoss (Amway woman) who never attended public school herself, nor sent any of her children to public school, and who actually hates public education is Trump's pick for Secretary of Education. It would be a toss-up as to who would be worse for education, DeVoss or Perry.


You might have a mentality as disturbing as this guy:


Yeah, you have to be the kind of person who thinks "If you give rich people money, it makes them work harder. If you give poor people money, it makes them never want to work again."


I've been trying to figure out several related questions recently. My best guess is most schools are public and most mental institutions are private. It's not about "saving" money. It's about transferring the public's money to the rentier class. Of course, if we went ahead and privatized all the schools, then those kids could get the special education funding they need because the schools' owners would be able to siphon off their cut.


New state slogan:

"Texas: Not. Even. Once."


When my father was a kid in Central America, so the 40s and 50s, he was warned, if he went to the US he should stay out of Texas at any cost.


That's what I tell my children too! I have to work there occasionally, and that's bad enough.


Texas will turn itself around in a decade or so.


Yea, he's a peach.

"He later said his remarks were meant to be humorous."

Hilarious, even.

You gotta love these guys. His parents, like my grandparents, came here from Italy around the turn of the century as immigrants. That some of those folks don't get the irony of their bigotry is also hilarious.