For a dose of pure wholesomeness, watch Welcome to Wrexham

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I’ve seen every episode the day it airs, and I concur: WtW is great. They’re coming to play the Vancouver Whitecaps at the end of July, and despite not caring to watch a Whitecaps game since the '80s, I’m interested to see Super Paul Mullin, et al.


Love Lasso and love WtW!

Its unfortunate that “sports” may drive away people from watching either show, but I recommend to anyone to go ahead and give them a try. These two shows have so much more to offer, the sports is more of a theme than the subject.

Yeah: it’s not like people watched The Office because they love the paper industry, so it should be possible to set the sportsiness aside!


I absolutely adore this show. Fully 50% of their episodes are about the families, the community and challenges they all face. The show is really about how football brings all of these people together under a shared passion and how Rob & Ryan are so dedicated to preserving and uplifting every single fan. The first episode that featured Millie Tipping (diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorders) is one of the most beautiful documentaries I have ever seen. I don’t want to spoil too much, but just thinking about that episode brings me to tears every damn time.

Also worth checking out is S1 episode Wromance, a beautiful discussion of masculinity in sport and healthy male bonding. And these aren’t just dashed-off cursory episodes; the people you fall in love with return numerous times across seasons and you really get to see their challenges and growth on an intimate level. Can’t recommend this show enough!

There’s an episode, I think somewhere in the first season, which is based on and around the subject of football hooliganism, and I thought it was genuinely brilliant television. They don’t shy away from it, and some of the tales of its impact are an absolute punch to the gut.

Also I really enjoyed the recent episode which featured the photographer who loves match days but never goes to the games. As a guy who couldn’t care less about the sport in question but certainly enjoys sports generally, and loves living close to a decent-sized stadium, I’d absolutely be there with him.

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