For cats, catnip = weed. Toothbrush = DMT



Yes, but it has to be your toothbrush for greatest satisfaction.


Deep Mobile Target?
Distributed Mission Trainer?
Devotional Ministry of Trance?
Decreed Moscow Time?
Disease Modifying Therapy?
Draw My Thing??

So many to chose from…


I think this is what they are referring to: N,N-Dimethyltryptamine is a psychedelic compound of the tryptamine family.

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TIL about 10-20% of cats are inmmune to catnip. It’s a genetic thing. I am pleased to announce my own cat is not among them.


Oh, so that’s what I’ve been sprinkling on my Captain Crunch!

No wonder he keeps talking to me at the breakfast table. Via the cereal box.

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I love this.

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Catnip is more like LSD than weed. As evidence I offer this anti-drug film…


I am scared of cats that know too much about DMT.

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That cat looks a lot like Krosp, Emperor of Cats, from Girl Genius.

Yes, that’s the one.

I say this with the upmost seriousness: I feel sorry for anyone who has not experienced DMT.

That. Shit. Is. Awesome.

I would love to try it, but it sounds a bit terrifying.

It’s not so much terrifying as mind-blowing. I’ve not been to the distant places people say it has taken them, but I also don’t doubt them. The beauty is, as long as you’ve not taken any MAOI drugs, the intense trip will only last 5-15 minutes and then within an hour you’re back to normal.

If, however, you combine it with an MAOI it has the duration of an Ayahuasca trip (many hours) becuase Ayahuasca is basically just DMT + MAOI. People call it pharmahuasca (i.e. pharmaceutical). I’ve not done it, but I am keen to.

I’ve heard tell of people having subjectively very long (years) experience in that 15 minutes.

We had a cat that hated catnip so much we would use it to keep her off particular furniture.

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I dunno about the catnip=weed equation. Whenever my cat gets some catnip, he gets really hyper and gonzo. Not, laid-back and chill like weed makes you.

I wish to be a cat.

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