Meowijuana Catnip Buds

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This looks like a prime contender for a hilarious misunderstanding with the law. And by hilarious I mean the opposite. Also wouldn’t growing your own catnip really ensure you’re giving them the best quality catnip and for less?


Pray tell, what would inorganic catnip look like?


Generally I think so, but sometimes strangers show up to partake. This is my catnip, this is not my cat, but he’s cool.


My cats like me without catnip.

Try brushing them. They fucking love it.

You can always put chicken wire or something to box cats out of it i suppose, but yeah it seems easier to grow your own. I checked how much it was for the product that was linked and it was 23 bucks or so, that seems too much for catnip. I won’t judge if someone is amused enough to buy it, god knows i’ve spent more on dumber things.

Pretty much that - if you grow it indoors, the cats are likely to knock the pot over and spill the dirt all over as soon as the plant is more than a few leaves. If you grow it outdoors and have a lot of cats in your neighbourhood, your cats are liable to get stressed out by everyone showing up uninvited to hit the nip…

Planted some fresh catnip in the garden this year. Previous kitty loved the stuff; replacement kitty is like ‘meh’.

Not all cats fall for catnip. It’s an inherited sensitivity, and if your cat didn’t get that gene, he simply won’t care about catnip. An estimated 50 percent of cats don’t respond. The trait doesn’t emerge until a cat is between three and six months old; until then, a kitten will not have a response.


City-folks might have a slightly bigger problem.


The same, but not certified!

Next time your cats looks at you, be sure to consider whether they are projecting the thought “Why not both?”


This always seemed like a “fun” idea:


Some kid somewhere is buying these buds secondhand, believing it’s weed.


Catnip only smells like marijuana when it burns if you’ve never smelled burning marijuana.

Even my cat can tell the difference.


Yeah, I think Burroughs was trolling. Meta-trolling, really.

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Sadly, I have a cat who is immune. O the humanity!

Well, it’s not like no one ever sold a greenhorn a bag of catnip. (-:

Plus, if you smoke enough catnip, it will make you mildly high. ‘Mildly’ being the operative word there.

But that’s enough for some first-timers. (-:

Obligatory educational video on the dangers of catnip:

I know the guy who made it. He only spent money on the catnip. The cats were borrowed.



It wouldn’t be carbon-based, but use silicon or something. And Kirk, Spock, and Bones would be amazed by it despite running into non-carbon-based lifeforms in every other episode.