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Of interest to anyone who follows Erfworld, Rob Balder’s brilliant web comic about boardgaming: Rob is in the process of converting his first book into a semi-animated version, and it turns out that his volunteer voice actor for the protagonist, Parson Gotti, doesn’t just sound like Rob wanted, he also strongly resembles Parson physically…and apparently has the same level of genius strategic cunning.

So at the time of this post, your narrator and ours (the voice for all the Epilogues and Summer Update Redux posts) Arthur Chu is the current 2-Day champion on Jeopardy!, with a combined total of $64,000. He is kicking ass, and you should watch him again tonight!

But the really interesting thing besides all the Twitter hate he’s generating is how he is playing the game: jumping categories, leading with $800/1600 questions, clicking in with obvious (some say obnoxious) ferocity. There’s some real Parson/Charlie gamesmanship going on here.

Erfworld’s Voice Talent Arthur Plays Jeopardy! Like Parson Would

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I noticed that about his game-play yesterday. And his awful haircut. But I’ve never read Erfworld.

If you like boardgames, and particularly miniatures wargames, start here. One of the most original web comics I’ve ever followed.

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I’ve never played any miniatures wargames. ¯\ __(ツ) _ /¯

Arthur just completely dominated today’s match, using that same unorthodox gameplay. I noticed they introduced him as “[normal job] and voiceover actor” today. Did Alex ask him about the Erfworld movie yesterday? I don’t think it was discussed today.

Webcomics that are awesome but otherwise include game mechanics (hit points in Goblins) tend to irritate me. Goblins gets a pass for being amazing, as does The Order of the Stick due to general 4th-wall-breaking, but I’d really prefer they didn’t include them.

Erfworld, though, is another beast entirely. The Gotti character actively questions how the game mechanics could possibly underlie so much of the world’s physics (right down to turn-based mechanics being part of the reality), and then uses his extra-flatland perspective to turn take advantage of those mechanics.

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