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Maggie, saw that you are a week past due. When my wife gave birth in June, she was too, and I was annoyed that I didn’t REALLY know when to take her to the hospital. And I didn’t want to be calling the midwives 53 times. They gave me a simple rule, 4-1-1. So I looked at the clock every time she had a contraction and wrote down the time and how long it lasted. Because we live 40 minutes away from the hospital, I needed to anticipate when to leave so that we didn’t leave too late. Because I’d collected the data, we arrived at the right time to be there. You don’t want to be early, because the earlier you get to the hospital, the more exposure you have to their annoying stuff! Plus it gave me, the father, a useless third wheel, something constructive to do.


Congratulations in advance, and hang in there. You’ll do great!



Thanks for this! We actually got the same advice from our doulas.

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So does your OB think you’re a week late, or are you actually a week late? I knew my conception date because…reasons, but they insisted on counting an extra week based on first-day-of-last-period. By my midwife’s calculations, my son was 6 days late, by mine, he was an hour early.

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We were tracking ovulation. She’s actually a week late. Both by that standard and by several different measurements that my doctor uses … all of which match up.

Babies gain between a half pound and a pound a week there at the very end. Hopefully this is a smaller baby!

I was told median baby birth weight in the US is 7 pounds 7 ounces.


Ah, that might explain the reticence of my midwife to accept that I knew the conception date - we weren’t exactly trying.

Nonetheless, try not to worry. And go walk a few miles. Not that it necessarily does anything to speed up labor, but a nice nature walk might get your mind off the baby being late. You’ve got plenty of great parks and lakes to choose from.

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