For public safety reasons, this post has been intercepted by your government and will be retained for future analysis


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It's a BoingBoing Conspiracy!

Well, that’s comforting. A little knowledge might be bad for me.


I’m sure they have our best interests at heart.


Quite the impressive stub. Is BoingBoing hosting an ARG?


BoingBoing is an ARG. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow. Shortest account life in BoingBoing history? Epic flounce?


what is this? dishonest clickbait?

or is it real?




It’s about fricking time. I’ve been demanding that post come down and be investigated for a long time.


this post has been intercepted by your government

The Austin city council? Those overreaching bastards.


This post has been intercepted by your government

Wait, yours, too? Just how many governments have intercepted this thing?


“hey guys, we need to plan one more post in for the day…”


H4ck the Planet! H4ck the Planet!!!


Man… I knew my HOA had gone a bit above and beyond their usual duties, but this is just beyond the pale!


The post was about our ukelele-playing, knit-steampunk banana overlords.


“And we’re totally out of cute animated gifs and Rob’s got the flu, so no clickbait either!”


I can see the article just fine. It’s hilarious and I don’t see why any government might object to it.



Our long national nightmare is over.

Please take your seats, as the next Long National Nightmare will begin shortly.


Do you even Harajuku Fun Madness?