For sale: A private jet from Elvis Presley's collection

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This might be it.

I’m not sure, but something tells me it is.


Looks as if it went the way of Elvis.

So it’s not the famous Lisa Marie that once flew Elvis and his entourage to Denver in the middle of the night just to eat sandwiches.

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The Lisa Marie is in Memphis, across the street from Graceland.

You can tour it.


Roswell? He must’ve left it parked there when he went home.


Calling “Jimmy’s World”!
Plus a deep pocketed investor.

They should restore it and put it in a museum.

It should be dismantled and recycled, because in the end, Elvis bought it but there is zero evidence that he ever actually set foot in it before his death.

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Yeah. “Here’s a thing that was once the subject of a financial transaction that involved the financial affairs of Elvis Presley” is not the same as “A private jet from Elvis Presley’s collection”.

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