For sale: magnificent NASA supersonic plane model from the 1960s


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That’s magnificent and looks like it just came from being rescued by the Thunderbirds.

If you are ever in the London Science Museum, a number of the wind tunnel models for Concorde can be found in the Making the Modern World Gallery. These were used for more than 5000 hours of supersonic testing to produce what is still perhaps the most complex wing ever built - they are also works of art.

Although Concorde is easily the prettiest thing ever to take to the skies and the world would be less wonderful without it; I can’t help but wish Bristol Aeroplane had gone ahead with this beast:



I want one of these:





Hmm, wonder if those tubes would hold a D12 rocket engine. :thinking:


I used to work with this random guy that told the story of the concorde
fuselage design by his father


Looks like an XB-70.


I’m sure the right person could work wonders make their own with a little balsa wood, X-acto knife, and paint. For a lot less than $5,685.


A day spent at the Science Museum is a good day.


Imagine the price it could fetch if it was 3D printed from schematics developed by a lifted AI…


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