Where to buy a flyable WWI replica plane




You could take delivery on the back of a pickup truck, take it out to a cabin in the woods with no electricity, and put an airplane together with a vise, a portable drill, a file, basic wrenches, and a hammer,” he says. “I’ve done everything else.



Countdown to Jay Leno buying one… :unamused:


Looks like they’re kits, containing everything but the engine (“machine gun kit” extra). Anyone know how much an engine might cost for something like that?


Prices on request. So, a lot. Tho there was a thing on, I think Jalopnik, where some guy had made one out of old beetle engines. A standard Aero engine is probably a lot cheaper than a radial, but it’d fuck up your Fokker’s looks.

ETA: I am, however, offput somewhat that someone who builds no doubt eye-wateringly expensive aircraft still has a Yahoo email address, but then again, I’m always put off by Yahoo email addresses.


The original Sopwith Camel came with a 381lb 130hp Clerget 9B. You could probably replace it with something like a Subaru EJ20 producing 150 HP at around 250lbs easily enough. You might even have to add weight just to get the balance right. It’s not going to look right, but it’s also going to require a lot less maintenance than a period appropriate engine.

Added bonus: It won’t try to flip you over and kill you on takeoff.

You’re going to have to be the kind of person who doesn’t mind making his own mounting brackets and everything though. It’s uncharted territory.


Ah, but would you get that super-quick right-hand turn?


Nah, you would just screw with your enemy by turning left.


Very cool, but there are also these guys:


Curse you Red Baron!!!


The Smithsonian writeup says kit prices go from $3,500-$15,000, with fully-built planes around $90,000. Not too eye-watering (and you’ll be wearing goggles anyway.)


I think I like them better. Dat Albatross…
Man, I need to win the lottery and get my Biggles on.


Wow. That is a LOT less than I thought. Bargain.


What does the Fokker say?

Converted air-cooled Volkswagen engines for aircraft are definitely a thing.





Hmmm. Where can I buy a Spitfire, chaps?


Still too expensive for me. I guess I’ll have to settle for a pair of flight goggles and a red dog house.


My (well, ex) brother in law has a half share in one. They ain’t fuckin’ cheap, put it that way…


The one I’m talking about was a radial hacked together from VW bits…


That would be impressive!


My favorite film as a child was The Great Waldo Pepper. Anyone ever see that movie? I didn’t realize how heavy it was until I watched it as an adult. Obviously I just enjoyed the cool airplanes!