For sale: one 19th century Quebec village, slightly fake, $2.8M


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T-Mobile customer exacts revenge

That place in BC is probably still on the market.


What’s that in Fahrenheit?


What would one do with such a place?

Turn it into a seasonal shopping destination, with boutiques retrofitted into the buildings?
A wild west theme park?


Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto is a similar setup that seems to quite successful, but the buildings are better restored, and it benefits from being right in the city. (Also it features a 3-hole Neoclassical/ Georgian outhouse.)

Upper Canada Village in eastern Ontario is a very well done re-enactment on a larger scale.

Cue the Europeans and others laughing at the idea of mid-19th century buildings and artifacts being considered “old”.


Poutine World!


Not Canada, but there’s a similar setup in my hometown of Wichita, Kansas called Old Cowtown Museum. It’s been through a couple of iterations since it’s inception, currently housing only true historical Kansas buildings. The local community theater group puts on humorous little “re-enactments” once or twice a day, depending on attendance and demand.
This one’s not for sale, but you can rent it.


I wonder where this was shot. I apologise in advance.


“Right in the city”. So it is…

Huh. When I was a kid, Black Creek Village was basically out in the country. I remember taking hay rides and stuff. Now I feel really old.


When I was a kid, we went to Black Creek Pioneer Village so often, it was our box factory.


When I was a kid we went to Black Creek when everything was new. We’d ride our horses without helmets or safety belts. In the snow. Uphill. Both ways.


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