For sale: the toy blocks Einstein played with as a kid


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Is this a paid advertisement for a speculator? He bought this set for $83,000 half a year ago and is set to make a neat profit if he sells it for anywhere near the listed price.


I don’t know, $3 for postage sounds really excessive.


Thanks, but I’ll stick w/ my Lincoln Logs & LEGO


I’d sell you the logs Lincoln played with as a kid.:smirk:


Speaking as one who once upon a time collected comics, the antics of 90% of collectors disgust me. I hope he loses his shirt. And I hope that the blocks end up in the possession of some two year old who chews and drools on them, piles them up and knocks them down, and has a hell of a lot of fun doing it.


Oh man, just yesterday I was thinking about the toy building blocks we played with as kids. They were at our grandparents’ house. It was one of the best parts of visiting them—playing with the blocks on the floor while the adults sat and talked. I found this set online that’s almost identical to my memory of them, and now I want to play with them again :slight_smile:

Not quite as sophisticated as Einstein’s… I wonder what the next owner of Einstein’s blocks will actually do with them.


Growing up we never really had a lot of legos or building blocks. We had some but never enough to really get into it… however the toy that was 100% up my alley was a big marble maze set, and i played with that thing for years and years. It’s kinda loud but kept me and my brother occupied so i’m sure my parents didn’t care


This Baby Einstein shit is getting out of hand.


Oooh! Oooh! I would have loved that!

Mostly I remember making do with stuff from around the house…one thing we had (well, two things…or, well, multiple things) was TWO old sets of encyclopedias. One of my sibs spent hours setting up elaborate domino-falling setups, with each book on end. Splitting off, spiraling…woe be to the person who might tread too hard in the vicinity before the whole thing was ready to go.


If I crush them up and inject them I will be as smarte as Einstein?


No, the other way, I think. You’d be…um…a blockhead. :smile:


You can still get the blocks from the original company for a small fraction of the price :wink:


The marble maze is awesome as all hell, and being just as modular as building blocks are i spent a lot of time constantly rearranging it and running hundreds of marbles through. Couldn’t tell you why it was fun. but it definitely was. I’d highly recommend it to anyone with kids, but just know that running marbles through it is pretty noisy :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it would be very smelly by now (I’ve heard of keeping a sample of your baby’s hair, but their shit…?)


I doubt it. It’d probably have dried out, which would make it less prone to become airborne and thus less smelly.


Throwaway joke from the second episode of The Simpsons:


Are you out of your mind? You don’t crush them; you shove them in like suppositories.



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