Foraging the Northern California coast

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Foraging is not a good idea in a high population density area, it can easily lead to the extinction of local fauna.

We no longer live in the wild world of five thousand years ago, we are six billion mouths demanding a high caloric intake. Humankind invented farming and herding because foraging was ineffective when the population exceeded a few dozens.

Although good willed, this idea would lead to the devastation of Northern California coast ecosystems.


I always love how-to guides that start with “first, get someone else who’s done it before to show you how it’s done.”

Sure, it makes sense with things like foraging, but if I had someone to guide me then I wouldn’t be reading a how-to…


This has been a growing trend amongst the culinary scene. As with many things enjoyed by special and privileged folks, it is not done with much thought to its impact on the larger world. As you mention, it shows a complete lack of understanding of cultural history.


No mention of permits - Muir Beach is within the GGNRA, so permits are definitely needed to collect there, but even in non-protected places you at least need a fishing license. Even more concerning, no mention of the mussel quarantine that happens May 1 - October 31, every year, in place to protect people from domoic acid poisoning.


You’re a few billion low there.

Checks Wikipedia

Oh shit!

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