Dangerous start to California abalone season

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Couldn’t pay me enough to get into a chumsuit wetsuit and swim around in kelp forests. The Landlord in those waters is hungry, exceptionally well-camouflaged, and can definitely swim faster than me. Nope, nope, nope.


Kelp diving is just fine. Free diving along a rocky coastline, inside the surf zone, trying to pry a salad plate sized muscle off a wall it was designed to hold on to, with a bunch of lead tied to your waist? Fuuuuuuuu


Looking forward to hitting the water and getting some abs this season.

Dive safe y’all.

Foraged sea fruits are yum.

There are low tides where you can go and and harvest by “picking” and not have to be in water more than 5 feet deep, sometimes not even over your head - for any non divers who might be curious.

California regulations are pretty strictly enforced, don’t go out to take abalone if you arent familiar and comfortable with the rules.

If we see a return of fisheries south of the Golden Gate bridge, it would be really nice. Sea flora and fauna are going to play a larger and larger part of our future and keeping them healthy and productive will be important.


My housemate used to do this. Crazy mother.

Delicious, for a slug.


It was a while ago, but I think about this story every ab season: Shark Kills Ab Diver

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It’s adorable. I want one as a pet.


Bunch abalone.


bologna of the sea

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They’re too endangered, for me to need to eat them.

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Very nice scary spiky underwhelming specimen on the front there. Does this mean the abalone conservation farms were successful? Looking forward to specimens bigger than 60gal. trash bins (and I vote?!) over time.

Free diving with lead tied on, though; I think you were watching Flint! the musical, or dissociatively planning a dive during the performance.

Not to mention the giant great whites that patrol these waters…

So animals that aren’t on the endangered list require you to eat them?

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