Forbes removed article critical of Google after it asked nastily


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Am I shocked that Google would try to fuck over even the “big guys” (content-wise) in their quest to push G+?

Am I unsurprised that, 6 years later, G+ was a huge flop?



That’s how you succeed in social media: cater to the advertisers first, then the users will come.



Just because G+ flopped, doesn’t mean they stopped of course.


I still like G+ better than Facebook, but that’s damning it with faint praise.


Hmmmm… how do you define that?

I think of G+ as a huge, roaring success, at least compared to Facebook and Twitter. (Of course that’s like comparing a mediocre ham sandwich to a flaming baby and a nuclear meltdown.)

Only partly kidding.


Is it a premium mediocre sandwich? Air-cured ham and rocket on multi-seed grain bread?

If not, I’m not interested. :slight_smile:


A new motto for Google: Just be evil, but pretend you aren’t.


A ranking bump for having a G+ button?



How about “BE as evil as you want, but we will control who comes at that top of your search results when you search for evil.”


So is Google demanding it has a right to be forgotten?


Frankly I like Google+. I just have no real use for it as i don’t social well and tend to run out of things to say I feel are worth sharing. This is not the platform’s fault. Plus i like the retro computer group I found there. Those are nice people.


IMHO the “issue” with G+ is not the platform BUT everybody uses facebook so you have to also if you want to be “social” to the widest number of people





Don’t be evil, my sweet tuchus…


And this right here is why I wail like a lost soul whenever someone thinks we can safely make an end run around the first amendment by relying on the omnibenevolence of unaccountable corporate entities.


The greatest trick the devil Google ever pulled was convincing people large publicly traded companies could be anything other than amoral.


For me, that’s a problem that solves itself.

Now if only I could stop these companies from trying to build an algorithmic behavioral duplicate of me…


How do we know they haven’t succeeded, and you’re really just the algorithmic behavioral duplicate of you?