Forensic science envisages face of woman persecuted as witch 313 years ago

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She has got a wart.

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She looks like a woman-of-a-certain-age from knitting or quilting circle. You know the type- has like, three cats and bakes her own sourdough. Really likes Christmas.


She probably taught baking at Hogwarts.


Did they… Did they burn her anyway?

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Me: “She turned me into a newt!”

Also me: She probably just knew how to use vitex and viburnum to help her friends.


She does have that diabolical look. Did she smell of sulfur?

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“She’s a witch! Burn her! Burn her!”

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Humor doesn’t work for me on this. I usually like witch jokes, dark humor, subversive shit. But her eyes remind me of…me. The systematic torture and murder of thousands- THOUSANDS - of people…for no reason…do we ever fucking LEARN ahhh humans. This was an earlier version of the Holocaust and as shameful and worthy of bowed heads and respect for the dead.


p.s. Happy Halloween, Lilias. Next time I dance naked it’s for you.


I imagine witches to have been clever, intelligent women who were looking for ways to subvert or quit a patriarchal society, and were subjected to its most convenient tool, violence, so the patriarchy could maintain control.


do we ever fucking LEARN

The answer is no.

Your friend,

Captain Obvious


Nana, I miss you.

Wait a minute… that’s my landlady! She lives in that rickety house right across the street! See? Right over th…

…where did it go?

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