Formatting of Old Comments Went Nuts

The recent site design seems to have busted up some of the old Disqus comments.

Here they’ve just undergone some kind of weird center justification:

And over here the avatars have all exploded:

The effect has been observed in FF 35.0.1 and IE10.

I guess this is not a concern?

FYI, the problematic Center tag is in, line 531. I’m not sure what’s making the images blow up.

Up to @beschizza et al to fix, of course, as it is on the main site. Probably just needs some CSS lovin’.

Thanks for the heads up

The problem’s been fixed, I guess: all the old comments are GONE!

Is someone aware of this…?

ETA: Whoops, they’re just hiding behind the “Discuss this post in our forums” link. My bad. (I kept trying to open that link in a new window and didn’t realize what it was supposed to do.)

But yea, as noted below, the exploding avatars are still there. (Seems they’re ending up with the “.post-content img” class, which gives them “max-width: 100% !important; height: auto !important; width: 100%”.)

I kind of dig the art-project feel of the broken stylesheet, myself. I’m sure there’s some biting social insight about online presence, virtual communities and the role of the avatar in the ego in there somewhere.


Ping @beschizza - currently getting a 404 on cachefly


Ken’s been working on it all weekend. He’s a hero. I think things have improved and the remaining issues will soon be resolved.

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We stopped using cachefly, but the plugin HTTPS Everywhere has it hardcoded in. This was a problem at their end and they’ve updated the plugin – so go update it, if you’re sick of Boing Boing 1990s mode

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