FORMcard is a million tools in one


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I find this very inFORMing.


FORMidable stuff, really.


If this breaks, what do we repair it with?


Can I reheat & reuse FORMcard material?


COuld I fix my counter top? It’s FORMica?


Duct tape and wd40


This is already available and has been for decades.


Yeah, he mentions that in the video.


Yes, that’s the advantage over products like Suguru.

I’ve used Suguru dozens of times. I got my FORM cards a couple months ago and haven’t found a project for them yet. I’m sure I will, though.


So far I’ve used it for things I didn’t want switched/pressed on accident. :sweat:

I can see the advantages for something like FORMcard even in a world with instamorph but I think I’d still get more use out of instamorph.

Note: Just watched the video and I’m sold. Sure, I could make one myself out of instamorph but then I’d have to make a mold and do the boring work of molding a bunch of instamorph so I could use it later for a real purpose. :laughing:


Yeah, just another rehash of good old fashioned Shapelock/Instamorph/polycaprolactone.

Just goes to show you can sell anything, with a glossy marketing campaign…


Certainly Instamorph is many times (three times) cheaper.

FORMCard is 6 cards for £9, or $12. I just put my set on the scale, a card is 14g (couldn’t find that info anywhere). So 14¢/g.

Instamorph is $10 for 6oz, or 5¢/g.

Marketing/information asymmetry certainly led to me buying this. Post-hoc I can still rationalize it since it seems much easier to work with, and it’s still cheep enough at the volumes I’m likely to use it that you can triple the price and it doesn’t matter much. But still, interesting to see the markup.


Seem a bit expensive for improvised repairs.


The thing about improvised repairs are: you don’t know they’re going to be needed. Not specifically. So it’s a good option to have a tool like this. Yes it’s overpriced, but you pay for the convenience of a barely-good-for-a-little-while fix, over the proper one. Because the proper fix is usually expensive, in terms of time, weight/size of equipment and materials, availability, or money. Or any combination of those.


Thank you, this is really useful. You can buy generic instamorph online in 50g packets, I had no idea of what that meant in terms of utility.


My slightly different approach:


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