Formica Forever celebrates the sleek century-old material and its indestructible beauty

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Formica (or its generic counterpart ‘laminate’) countertops are still pretty good, and take less maintenance than granite, marble, or quartz - plus, you can get Formica that looks like those materials. We are getting close to a kitchen remodel, and it’s what we will use.


Three years ago, we gutted and replaced a 35 year old kitchen. Realtor friends tried to convince us to use a “natural” counter top, but we went with WilsonArt HD laminate. It was a fraction of the cost, performs great and looks amazing.


Yeah, but can you set a 400F skillet down on it with no damage?

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You can if you put in steel inlays.

Formica, Wilsonart, and the like are really wonderful. The quartz and recycled glass in the showrooms these days will not age as gracefully.


What are you doing to quartz to cause it to degrade faster than melamine laminates?

I’m not doing anything to it, I think as time goes on the resiny faux-stone look will look more and more phony.

Ah, ok. I misinterpreted the aging as being a physical breakdown rather than an aesthetic degradation.

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If you’re going for a retro 50s-60s look, you can’t beat Formica. Our bathroom has Formica countertops and the tub enclosure is sheets of the stuff. I’ve seen it used on diner tables, and wished I could get the pattern to use on things at home. I still like it.

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Huh. And here I’d always assumed that it was named after ants… (formica is the genus for ants)

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