Former first lady Rosalynn Carter dead at 96

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Um… first lady not first wife - two extremely different connotations there! :grin:


Rosalynn Carter was the first First Lady to have an actual office in the White House, including staff. She often attended cabinet meetings and security briefings. The Carters really were a package deal. Apparently Jimmy actually hated politics. Rosalynn didn’t. In another time, maybe she would have been the one to run for office.


@beschizza - The Carter Center set up a tribute page if you want to incorporate it into your article. It includes links for donations to the organizations that she started that support mental illness advocacy and caregiving…

Also, some articles… The Guardian:

And the local ATL public station’s obit:

From the AJC…



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Married 77 years! Amazing.


i fear now for Jimmy. I feel like he was hanging on because he didn’t want to leave her to face the grief, and now that she’s gone he won’t be far behind.


I’ve been trying to phrase my similar thoughts. But I won’t say I fear for him per se. It’s more I hope he gets to follow her soon, though obviously I don’t want the world to lose him too. After so long together and having such a clearly loving relationship…I can’t imagine how profoundly lonely he must be right now. I agree with your suspicion that he was just holding on so she didn’t have to feel the grief for him. Of course, I assume she was doing the same and he just proved more stubborn. They were a part of each other in so many ways for longer than I can imagine.


yeah, i agree. and it’s true, my fear is totally selfish. I admire him and their relationship so much, i don’t want the world to be without him. He was the first president i really cared about when i was a kid, the first election i kind of paid attention to – probably because his daughter is my age, so it all felt more real to me or something.


It’s undoubtedly true that they are two of the finest humans to ever live in the White House. I wasn’t old enough to have opinions on their time there as it occurred but they’ve done more to improve the world since leaving politics than most of us will ever get a chance to do.


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