Former flight attendant shows how you can make a lot of cash if you're bumped from a flight (video)

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I haven’t flown in years, but duly noted for whenever I do resume air traveling.


*One way tickets only (?)


Same here, but one of the issues I assume is that most people are flying for a very important reason. The one serious delay I have had was flying to my high school class reunion, and there’s no way one can do that again anytime soon. Of course, if I had been flying Southwest this last Christmas, I would have been fine with taking the cash instead. :moneybag:


I think that means only the way you were going, not the full fare. So if you’re bumped coming back home, for example, it’s 400% of that one-way trip, not the outbound leg as well.


It’s important to note the very limited circumstances this rule applies to and how rare this actually is in real life. Involuntary denied boarding…aka “bumping” is very rare and I can’t think of a single instance in 30 years of flying when this has happened to me or anyone that I know.

What is most common is voluntary rebooking where the airline offers vouchers for someone to give up their seat. Only if nobody volunteers and they absolutely must have the seat will they begin bumping passengers. I’ve gotten as much as $1500 in flight credit for volunteering my seat. Gate agents know the rules and will just keep offering higher and higher amounts until they get the volunteers they need.


ohh, that makes sense. thank you.


Was hoping for a video of a former flight attendant getting bumped from a flight and then summarily knocking over a liquor store


I got a 400% refund on a flight from London to Cyprus 15 years ago (and a flight 2 hours later) I also got the airline to reorganise motorcycle hire that I had. Came as a complete surprise when they offered it – I hadn’t started complaining, just arrived at the booking desk.


I’ve heard the announced voluntary delay deals. But whenever I’ve been flying delaying wasn’t an option. These days I’d be worried about the accepted delayed flight getting cancelled.


The rules in the EU/UK are unsurprisingly even more pro-consumer than in the US. I literally just sent an email to United asking for my 600 euros for a flight that was delayed more than 3 hours coming back from the EU.

Part of the trick here for other US residents is that they will normally tell you the first time some combination of “we’re a US carrier, you’re not an EU resident, this flight had one end in the US” so the EU regulations don’t apply to this situation/our airline. This is all false.


EU261 allows for up to €600 compensation for fights delayed more than 3 hours regardless of nationality as long as the flight arrives or departs from an EU member country (along with a few other restrictions). Since Brexit however, the UK is no longer part of the EU so the rules are changing for UK departures/destinations. YMMV.


if you’re bumped from a flight

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