Should domestic flights delayed over 3 hours be refunded?

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Nah, just let The Invisible HandTM work things out.


Playing catch-up with the EU, even if they would never admit it, because foreign countries don’t seem to exist in US political discourse.


The answer is yes.


About F’n time – it could go farther, but it’s a start.


I suspect that the carriers would dislike the idea; but I’d be inclined to just treat flight cancellations as cases of denied boarding; for which there are already rules covering compensation of people bumped from oversold flights; since a flight that you sell tickets for and then don’t actually fly is effectively just a particularly thorough instance of overselling.

(general advice regarding getting bumped: don’t settle for some lousy travel voucher more or less designed to be useless. It’s legal for them to offer a bad deal and hope for volunteers; but it’s mandatory for them to provide a defined minimum amount of financial compensation, in cash or by check, on the day and place the denial occurs.)

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