Former GOP House Speaker John Boehner is now a pot dealer


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Maybe if he actually got stoned while in the House he would actually have been ‘representin’ in a good way.


"He’s woke for money, not justice. "

Hell, even if his side gal just really likes weed, ending the War on Drugs and removing the ban on weed is a step in the right direction. Machiavellian and all that.


The only good I’ve seen from Boehner is his calling out the GOP when he left. Of course, he didn’t have anything contrary to say about the GOP or their platform when he was part of it so I’m pretty sure he’s what you call an amoral opportunist.


Evolution huh?


I would have to know more details. If he gets concessions for big agribusiness, while making life harder for smaller farms, it is not a good thing.


Republicans need to remember that the eleventh commandment was a guideline for a different time, not an actual biblical commandment carved in a stone tablet.


so some is going to make a forum cut of “Sour Boehner” , right ?


And today we hear that Paul Ryan is leaving. Coincidence?


24 beers in a case… 24 hours in a day…


I think Boehner is just seeing a sweet money making deal when he sees one. iirc in Ohio they just recently legalized medical mj. But it can only be grown by specially licensed and certified farms, a limited number of farms (8? 12?) etc. The licenses are very expensive blah blah blah. That he is going against Federal Law seems of no concern once there is money to be made.

That he is calling for rescheduling and complete decriminalization is pretty remarkable, but still a cover-yer-butt-while-you-rake-in-the-cash sort of move. I bet he cries all the way to the bank.


If he’s ever unfortunate enough to have to undergo chemo-therapy, he’ll be ‘marinating’ himself in pot and then really know where the afflicted have been coming from.


One NPR commenter said that Paul Ryan may be concerned that his Wisconsin electorate may not consider him Trumpian enough to keep on, therefore…


On the one hand, we need more drug warriors – a majority – to change sides, whatever their motivation.

On the other, it’s sickening to see drug warriors change their tune and start profiting from weed, while millions still rot in prison for possession and low-level trafficking.

Boehner isn’t the first and won’t be the last. Canada’s charming Julian Fantino is another, and he used to be directly involved in filling our prisons.


“If you can’t beat them, join them.” and “politics makes strange bedfellows” are 2 sayings that come to mind.

Never did like the guy.


Morality is a monetary concept.


This sort of thing thought to be a side effect of Gerrymandering.

So, the idea that and R or D will draw a district to make it easier for him or her to win sounds like the “smart” thing to do. Load up your district with your base and you won’t have any problem winning over your partisan opponent.

But now that you have done that, the problem is in the past the incumbent more or less often had a free pass with the primaries. But now with your district being mostly R or mostly D, you aren’t going to win the primary as a moderate, you have to toe the party line more closely or risk losing the primary.



This news says less about Boehner than it does the pot industry. I think criticism would be better directed at them for thinking this is a good move.


Just wait until Rick Santorum finds a way to make money from officiating gay weddings.