Fortnite forces console cross-play for Xbox One and PS4

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makes sense - sounds like a good idea.

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Now if only Blizzard would do this with Overwatch.


I have been told I must get Overwatch. Is it worth my time to pick up a used copy?

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Yes. It’s fun and Blizzard ofc has some of the best art and design that drives their games. It’s a beautiful game.

The community can be sometimes blech but I think that’s true for all games.

Definitely worth playing.

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You can cross play with PCs and have been able to for 1+ years via Xbox and since it came out on Switch mid-last year. Also cellphones. You have to SELECT to do this however by joining a friend on another platform.

I frequently play with PC players via the Fortnite Over Forty Discourse.

I used to RULE the Island when my daughter played soley via iPad and needed help with challenges. I’d be on my Xbox racking up 9, 10 and 11 kill games!

This is Fortnite saying “Consoles are consoles” not “If you want to play with a pal on PS4 you’ll be in a special mixed lobby.” This is “ALL CONSOLES TO THE RIGHT.”

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Huh, cool. I was actually kinda mixing Fortnite up in my head with Overwatch, I think :slight_smile: Back at launch the overwatch devs were complaining about console players using keyboard+mouse setups on consoles because it gave too big an advantage: Blizzard doesn’t want Overwatch console players using mouse-keyboard setups - Polygon

You can now use KB+M native on Xbox One. I do not know about PS4.

In Fortnite I know that Epic has your targeting sensitivity set per input method – so a PC Player with a Controller would get aim-assist just like a Console with Controller Player. Console KB+M and PC KB+M also have the same aim assist/tracking stuff regardless the platform.

I think PC only has an advantage in framerate and 8k. I believe Console is locked to 60fps regardless the hardware the PS4Pro and Xbox One X should both be able to do 100fps+

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Sure. Now that I am better with a controller after years of practice.

And also do not have much time for games.

That’s the common reason for cross play being a bad idea or being left out. Along with the fact that the PCs can potentially run the game much much faster to reduce input lag and what have. Keeping the systems segregated keeps a level playing field. I’ve heard complaints about other games with cross play where console gamers have a really frustrating time with it.

Wouldn’t seem to matter with Fortnite. I haven’t played but by report everything about it is simpler, more casual and apparently it’s technicals are fuzzy enough to flatten the advantage. Big portion of the player base is on phone supposedly.

The big thing with the competitive/esports twitch gaming is apparently running the game at 720p or below with graphics setting minimized to get hundreds of frames per second. The idea is to minimize input lag and response times. It’s apparently made old CRT monitors a hot commodity for things like competitive CS:GO. Since they can basically use as many frames as you can throw at them.

But that sort of thing doesn’t really seem to have much benefit with Fortnite from what I’ve seen about the game. And from what you’re saying it sounds like they’re trying to flatten that sort of advantage.

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